Instrumentals (Playlist)


So I wanted to share some pure instrumental songs with you guys. I feel like we only seek music out if its overwhelmingly saturated with different sounds, lyrics, or adlibs. I'll admit I only really listened to music like that. I thought instrumentals were boring and unnecessary. They just felt lacking, and unfinished to me. Over time though, I realized, I just didn't have the appreciation for it (sadly). Now, I find so much beauty in them, that I want to share it and hopefully get others to see how incredible they truly are. 

With normal songs, there is a preset, predetermined feeling and idea the artist is trying to convey to the listener. Which, is great, but instrumentals allow you to interpret and understand them in your OWN way. I was playing this playlist around my brother and his fiance. My brother said "these songs are too feel-y" while his fiance, on the other hand, said "this sounds like HBO porn music" LMFAO. So... I think I proved my point without even trying to LOL. Its true though, you really are able to take what you want out of instrumentals. Thats why I appreciate them so much. Their meaning can change with every listen. Listening to instrumentals also helps you develop an appreciation for producers. You're able to hear raw, beats, for what they are. No additives. 

With that being said, I hope you guys enjoy this playlist I put together of some of my favorite ambient/lo-fi/downtempo instrumentals. Its great background music for anything really; riding in the car, cleaning your room, laying in bed, showering, etc etc. Experience something new :)