Right Now, With You: A Playlist By Mary Coscolluela

Hi guys, back with another playlist for you.  This playlist was created by one of my best friends, Mary (@iammissmaryc). Her music taste is impeccable and in all honesty I know I can always count on her for good music. She's also an incredible writer. So to express the thoughts and feelings behind this playlist, she wrote a poem.

for long nights, even longer drives with you by my side.
for making out, 5 seconds feeling like infinity against your lips.
for baby making even though we’re not ready but in this single moment it feels like we are.
for silence, basking in how much i think i might love you.
for those 3 words finally slipping out your mouth and i say, i love you too.
for all these moments and more, with you.
— Mary Coscolluela

I could relate both to this poem, and playlist on such a deep level. Mary said this playlist would make you feel like you're falling in love. & it's true. It's a compilation of songs & instrumentals that in some way mimic that feeling you get when you fall completely and wholeheartedly for a person. This is the playlist you wish would play in the background of your love story. These are the songs you picture playing in the car, as you stare at the person you're head over heels for while they drive. The songs that blast when the two inevitable lovers finally kiss passionately in a movie. Call me a dramatic romantic but like I said, music puts me in a special place. While this playlist incited feelings of falling in love, I think it can also have you longing for a lost love. However you interpret it, I hope you enjoy it.