Summer Nights

I know the playlists I've shared with you guys so far have been super moody and more on the soft side, so I decided to give you all something a little different. Originally I was compiling a super hype playlist but it turned into... this haha. I wouldn't say it's hype at all. I refined it and decided to make it a chill rap type playlist. Super easy playlist to vibe to, in my opinion. Since they are hip hop/rap songs, the energy from these songs are less emotional & more straight up VIBES. I love this playlist. It either makes me want to hop out of car and dance or sit in my room and just feel myself. I don't really have much more to say about it, you just have to listen for yourself honestly. Check out the artists other work too! They're all super talented & deserve more recognition!! Anyways, whatever this playlist makes you feel, I just hope you enjoy it & STAY POSTED!!!!! 


By the way, I have something excited in store for the next blog post! Can't wait to share with you all.