Get to know: Pax


This post is dedicated to an artist I've grown really fond of and want to share with everyone. I came across his stuff on SoundCloud not too long ago and I was immediately drawn in. The beats produced by Pax really hit the heartstrings. You can tell he has clear intent behind the beats & songs he puts out. Before I even got the chance to talk to him, I could tell he wanted people to connect to his music. I know I definitely did. Although his music is simple, each song tells a different story. Pax does an incredible job at storytelling through beats. It's amazing. As an artist, he's able to make music that is both effortless and complex all at once. Sounds contradictory, I know. The songs really are simple, to the point, and beautiful.  However, even so, they're able to incite so many emotions within a listener. I was able to speak to him and get to know him as well as his intentions behind his music a bit more. I also put together a playlist of some of his tracks. DEFINITELY CHECK HIM OUT. You won't be disappointed. He deserves light shed on his work, and I think you all deserve this music in your life. 


S: well I guess for starters, we gotta know when did this start for you? like what was that moment you said "hey Ima do this music thing?" ?

Pax: haha honestly I don't even have a definite answer for that. I started making beats as early as 6 or 7 years old because my older brother(who was like 13 at the time) was rapping and making beats on one of the first FL demos lol and then my friend kinda got me into making stuff in high school but it was never serious. that was around 2011. I think I really decided to take it more seriously in 2013-14.

S: Aye so musics just kinda been something you've always been surrounded by, that's dope. Damn those fl demos!! 😂 nice

Pax: Definitely lol my mom put me in piano lessons when I was 5 haha

S: Since 2013-2014 do you think your musics personally evolved? Or have you tried to keep a consistent feel to it?

Pax: I think it's definitely evolved. I've wanted to explore a lot of different sounds/genres while trying to keep a consistency to it. Idk if I've been successful honestly haha that's up to the listener

S: No I definitely get that feel, which is why I wanted to see how you felt about it because I can tell there are differences in each thing you put out, but there's definitely a consistency in it, which is what I appreciate. The aspects you keep consistent are really beautiful

Pax: Thanks dude that means a lot !

S: Do you have a personal favorite track that just hits home for you?

Pax: like one of my own tracks?

S: yes! but, I'm interested to hear about your inspirations as well so I guess both one your own, & an outside one

Pax: I think olvgrn or vivian for me. Those are the only 2 tracks that I've made that I actually like lol And as far as another or an inspiration, there's so many songs to name
I think this is crazy by Michael Lundy is up there

S: Vivian is so beautiful!
What! Only ones you like? Do olvgrn & Vivian have emotional attachments to them or are they just tracks you feel entirely satisfied with as a finished product?
I just went and listened to This is crazy. Definitely understand why its up there for you. Thank you for putting me on that

Pax: yee for sure!
I think those 2 songs were just songs that came together so organically. They're straight up just me yunno? Like stream of consciousness kinda songs idk how to explain it haha
I didn't have to think too hard about those songs they just came together and they were so out of my realm when I made them. I really like this new album that I'm about to put out as well, because it has a lot of organic songs like those 2. I'm trying to separate my beats from my song making and I think there's a distinct difference between the 2

S: Makes a lot of sense now actually. When something flows and comes together naturally it's like no other. Can't really be replicated. I feel it. Oh man a new album? That's exciting. Well I'm looking forward to that already! Especially knowing it's a project you feel is completely you. Do you like keeping the two aspects of ur beats and song making separate? Or are they differences you appreciate integrating together?

Pax: yeah definitely. The reason being is because i really like making 40second loops/beats but I also really like song writing as well. My beats are just things I make in an hour or 2 and songs can take days/weeks.

S: I noticed you put a lot of sound clips from shows/movies(?) i'm assuming, into your songs. You like telling a story type thing w them huh?

Pax: But yeah I do haha

S: I'll end it here, just wanna ask if there's anything you wanna say about yourself, your music, intentions, anything at all, you have free range now to close off.

Pax: hmmmm. As far as intentions I just hope people will take my new stuff and use it to help them get through tough times. All I can say is I hope that my music can empathize with those who are feeling down and out.


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twitter:  @milorango