For The Aux (Playlist)

Hello everyone!

I know it's getting close to a month since my last post. BUT I know you guys tend to like playlists (and I really enjoy making them and putting them together), so i've been working on a handful of different playlists for you guys. They ALL have different vibes, themes, and ideas behind them. 

I had a poll up on my twitter asking you guys which kind of playlist you'd like first and y'all voted on chill bangers, so here it is. This is a playlist I think is really good to just put on in the car when you don't wanna listen to the same repetitive radio hits over and over again, or if someone hands you the aux and you have no idea what to put on. It isn't super hype but it isn't too chill. Its a good in-between. It's hip hop, for the most part, but there are some r&b tracks incorporated as well. I tried not to put super overplayed songs on here, because I figure you guys come here for new content, and that's what you deserve. However, that doesn't mean all of the songs in this playlist are new or unheard of! This is literally a playlist of 45 songs that i've really been feeling lately, and I hope you do too!

I never really said this when posting my other playlists but I pretty much always suggest listening to my playlists on shuffle (unless I say otherwise) because I don't put them in any specific order. I find that putting it on shuffle makes it more enjoyable to go back and listen to in the future since you aren't getting the same exact experience every time because you're listening in a different order!