No Vacancy (A playlist by Koren)

My friends and I are always sharing music with each other. They all have such beautiful, and diverse tastes. One night, I was on (its pretty much a streaming service/site/app that allows you to share a screen with multiple people and watch/listen to the same thing at the same time) ((I highly recommend for online hangouts with your friends)) with my friend Koren. He started to play music and I honestly was so captivated by his music choice. I knew he always had good taste but I had never seen this side of his music taste, in depth like this. So, I asked him if he'd put together a playlist for the blog. I really appreciate his music taste so I figure you guys will too. This playlist is so chill and dope. I love it. Every song has such a smooth, clean sound. 

I asked Koren if he wanted to write anything regarding his playlist, he said he just wanted to say "the playlist is dedicated to Uriel" <3

Aside from his amazing taste in music, Koren's just a talented guy all around.

He makes music, and is also super good with graphic design stuff. He actually has helped me out a ton with this blog, from posting for me when I couldn't, to creating the site layout itself, to just constantly supporting any content posted. 

If you need any beats, or artwork done for something please please hit him up. You wont be disappointed (He did the artwork for this playlist). I'll link his @ so you guys can hit him up if you ever need anything. 

Korens Twitter: @beatsbykoren