let me take a moment to start off saying, this blog is a part of me. however, as much as its a huge part of me, i have always wanted to keep it up to spread new things to others. as time passed and my creative blocks stood at the forefront, i made a big realization. basically, this blog started off as a music blog as you all may know. but what a lot of you might NOT know is that that was never the initial intention. I wanted an all around blog. something for everything. now that was really ambitious to tackle on head first, so i gravitated around music because i feel like a lot of my inspiration and influence stems from music. i wanted this to be a safe space for all creatives and artists, i just chose to start off with music. i wanted to include photography, clothing pieces, music, drawings, paintings, EVERYTHING. I honestly have been so stuck with this blog, no lie, but i couldn't figure out why. its apparent now that i need to just put out content that doesn't fit into a box. i don't wanna force myself to feel like i need to solely put out content i think others WANT.  so heres me apologizing for not being as transparent as i really wanted to be on this blog. im going to start. i know this should have been the intent from the start but we all gotta start somewhere right? 

a bit of an explanation on whats been going on:

- not much honestly hahaha

but really. in the past few months the only real changes i've been dealing with are working full time and having a full time bf simultaneously hahahahah. i was working two jobs up until last week, meaning i was working 7 days with a 1-2 hour daily commute tackled on. so... i didnt have much time to myself to say the least but now i have two days off. which is a huge weight off my shoulders because i not only have time to accomplish the bigger things i had been putting off, but even the small little things that have built up over time. 

this post is all over the place but basically what im trying to say is this will still be the blog you know and love, but my heart will be in it more now. i hope you can enjoy it just as much <3 The next couple of posts will be actual topics, and themes and everything but to keep this light i thought id shoot y'all this playlist that i was talking about on my twitter hahaha honestly theres not much to it, and if you don't like this kind of music then you'll prob think i'm lame but i don't care this playlist makes me feel great. ima make it a mix eventually btw.